Cuba ranked highest for primary education

Campaign News | Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cuba registered the highest levels -well over regional average-during the 2nd Regional Comparative Study, conducted by the Laboratorio Latinoamericano de Evaluación de la Calidad de la Educación (Latin American Laboratory for Education Evaluation).

The study involved third and sixth grade students from 16 regional countries in the subjects of math, language and sciences.

The results of the study were revealed by Cuban Education Minister Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, during a press conference. She explained that more than 196 000 students took part in the study --11 195 of them, Cuban pioneer children representing 109 municipalities, who were chosen by UNESCO.

Velázquez Cobiella stressed that the Cuban results are a direct consequence of the hard work of Cuban teachers, students and their families and the community in general. She added that it also constitutes a new commitment to continue working toward further improving the quality of education on the island.

The 2nd Regional Comparative Study not only evaluated academic results, but also the relation between teachers and their students, the communities' social and cultural levels and the state of the school infrastructure Participating countries also included Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

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