12.4 per cent growth in tourists

Campaign News | Wednesday, 10 March 2004

New figure is a record

Havana, Mar 10: Cuba has recorded a record 12.4 per cent increase in visitor arrivals for January this year, as compared to the same period in 2003. A total of 214, 242 tourists visited the island in January, surpassing the number of arrivals in the same month last year by 23,573.

This year’s arrivals were the highest for a four-year period. In January 2002, Cuba tourism officials said 140,792 tourists visited the Caribbean island, while in 2001, the figure stood at 188, 652.

In 2000, Cuba welcomed 163,786 tourists to its shores, according to the official figures. Tourism officials said that Canada, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Spain and Mexico were still the island’s principal markets.

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