Cuban doctors in Haiti - appeal for funds

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Support the Cuban medical brigades in Haiti

A Cuban bank account has now been opened to receive financial contributions to help with the Cuban medical teams working in Haiti.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign has already donated £3,000 directly to the medical brigades in Cuba through donations received from individuals and organisations.

If you wish to support the Cuban efforts in Haiti directly then you can do so in the following ways:

The preferred method

1. Make a donation via CSC. We will collate all donations and forward them in lump sums to Cuba to avoid multiple transfer fees (please make cheques payable to 'CSC' and write Cuban doctors in Haiti) on the back) and send to address below. You can also donate by Credit Card at 0208 800 0155. All donations will receive acknowledgement.

2. You can make a direct bank transfer to the Cuban bank account (below) set up to receive donations for the Cuban medical effort in Haiti. Please note that making direct bank transfers to Cuba will involve paying significant bank and transfer charges and that you may not receive confirmation or receipts for your donation.

Title: Terremoto Haití (Haiti Earthquake)


Bank Identification Code (BIC) Código SWIFT del Banco: BIDCCUHH

Account number: 01321010770900

Bank Address: Havana, Cuba

Please note: Payments to Cuba should be made in pounds sterling or euros, NOT US dollars.

For details of the Cuban efforts in Haiti including video reports see

Cuba Solidarity Campaign is also supporting the TUC Aid appeal for Haiti

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