Cuba denounces US and European media campaign against its government

News from Cuba | Monday, 12 April 2010

HAVANA, April 8 (Xinhua)-- Cuba Thursday denounced the U.S. and European media campaign that discredited the Cuban revolutionary government, destabilized the country and destroyed its social system.

In an editorial, Cuban official daily Granma also denounced the use of mercenaries by the United States to subvert the revolutionary process in Cuba, saying that these people were manipulated and even pushed to death to demonize Cuba.

Granma said that some 3,000 Cuban nationals had died and 2,000 others had been mutilated in terrorist attacks organized and financed by the United States. In addition, many other Cubans drowned in the Straits of Florida in an attempt to reach the U.S. coast.

Also, the editorial denounced that the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) spent 20 million U.S. dollars annually supporting the counterrevolutionary groups in Cuba.

These groups are financed by terrorist organizations of Cuban origin based in Florida, the newspaper said, citing the self-called "Ladies in White" which receives money from the confessed terrorist Santiago Alvarez Ferdandez Magrina who attempted to blow up the Tropicana, a nightclub in Havana, and Luis Posada Carriles, mastermind of the bombing of a Cuban airliner in Barbados in 1976 that killed 73 people.

Granma said all these groups were proven to receive funds from the United States and European organizations allied in their media war against Cuba.

The newspaper said if the similar crimes against the state security occurred in the United States, they would receive prison terms from three to 20 years according to U.S. laws.

Granma described the U.S. and European media as hypocritical. While speaking of freedom of expression, they pressure the voices raised in favor of Cuba, it said.

For instance, the blog "The Unknown Island" from Cuban intellectual Enrique Ubieta Gomez has been deleted from the lists of Google because of his points of views favoring the revolution in Cuba and his arguments against the U.S. and European hostile media campaign.

In his Sunday Speech, Cuban leader Raul Castro declared "those who criticize Cuba turned a blind eye on the genocide in Iraq or try to hide their basic human rights problems such as the lack of health care".

Castro also said Cuba did not accept blackmail from any country or any group of nations, no matter how powerful they might be.

Granma called on the Cuban people to take part in the International Labor Day March on May 1 to show their support to Cuba's socialist system and their rejection to the U.S. and European media campaign against Cuba.

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