Bacardi wins round in Havana Club rum case

News from Cuba | Wednesday, 7 April 2010

from Associated Press

Barcadi USA Inc. has won a key round in its legal battle with Pernod Ricard over sales of the Havana Club rum brand in the United States.

A federal judge in Delaware rejected Pernod's claims that Bacardi's use of the Havana Club label is misleading because the rum is not made in Cuba. The judge ruled late Tuesday that Bacardi's product says it is made in Puerto Rico and is derived from a 1920s-era Cuban recipe.

Pernod has jousted with Bacardi for years over the Havana Club label because Pernot sells rum under that brand outside the U.S. Pernod executives say they will appeal the ruling.

Miami-based Bacardi says the ruling shows the Havana Club brand accurately portrays the rum's origins and geographic locale.

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