Cuban education praised by teaching union

Campaign News | Sunday, 8 May 2011

Over 80 people attended the joint Cuba Solidarity Campaign - Venezuela Solidarity Campaign meeting at the National Union of Teachers Annual Conference in Harrogate at Easter this year.

Nina Franklin, the new President of the Union and Christine Blower, General Secretary, welcomed everyone to the meeting. Nina spoke of her visit to the Pedagogia Conference in Cuba in January this year which is the largest Education Conference of its kind with teachers attending from all over the world.

Colin Burgon, Vice Chair of VSC talked about the value of education to the people of Venezuela and the importance that the government of President Hugo Chavez attached to it. Colin described the changes that have taken place in the country and how illiteracy has been virtually eradicated in Venezuela thanks to the teaching programmes developed by Cuba.

Dr. Isora Enriquez O’Farrill, Dean of the Foreign Language School of the Enrique J Varona Pedagogical University in Havana, spoke about the importance of Education in Cuban society, explaining how the Literacy programme had now been used by many countries across the world including in New Zealand and Spain. A lively question and answer session followed her speech and Colin, Isora and Professor Eduardo Garbey Savigne,

Head of the English Department at Manuel Fajardo Medical School and Advisor for the International Relations Office of the Havana Medical Sciences University, joined in the discussion. Eduardo explained how television was being used to compliment the school and university programmes and offering the chance for all to continue their education in a genuine programme of life-long learning.

Bernard Regan, Cuba Solidarity Campaign Secretary and NUT Trustee invited everyone to visit Cuba to see for themselves the Education system and to join the campaign to defend Cuba’s sovereignty and demand the end of the United States blockade.

Many of those present expressed an enthusiasm to visit Cuba to see for themselves and a number joined CSC.

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