Cuba best developing country for mothers and women according to UK charity

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 10 May 2011

According to UK charity Save the Children, Cuba ranks first out of "Lesser Developed Countries" in both the mother's index and the women's index, and ninth in the children's index, in its annual Mother's Index report, released this month.

By comparison, the U.S., which is in the "More Developed Countries" tier, ranks 31st in the mother's index, 24th in the women's index and 34th in the children's index.

Save the Children reports that 100% of births in Cuba are attended by skilled health personnel. Cuba also has the highest expected years of formal schooling for women in the "Lesser Developed Countries" tier, at 19 years.

These results mirror similar high rankings Cuba has received in other international studies, including the annual Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum.

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