Cuba Rejects Groundless Criticisms at UN Human Rights Council

News from Cuba | Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Cuban representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Juan Antonio Quintanilla, rejected on Thursday groundless criticisms made on behalf of the United States by Sweden and the Czech Republic, "as they intentionally ignore the serious human rights violations in their territories. "

"Instead of criticizing, what the White House should do is put an end to the blockade it has imposed for almost 50 years against our country, which is in fact the biggest violation of the Cuban people's human rights," Quintanilla said.

According to Prensa Latina news agency, the diplomat urged Washington to free the five Cuban antiterrorists that remain unjustly imprisoned in the U.S. since 1998 and to condemn Luis Posada Carriles, an international and self-confessed terrorist who walks the streets of the United States as a free man.

Quintanilla also referred to the tortures, extrajudicial executions

and other serious violations perpetrated in illegal prisons that the U.S. government has in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Bagram.

Regarding Sweden and the Czech Republic, the Cuban official pointed out that they don't have the moral authority to judge Cuba as they were Washington's accomplices in the establishment of illegal and secret prisons in Europe and they facilitated CIA flights for the transportation of kidnapped people.

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