Ros-Lehtinen: says the presence of Cuban children in the United States is “a danger to national security”

News from Cuba | Saturday, 22 October 2011


The presence of the 22 children of Cuban children’s theater group La Colmenita (The Beehive) is part of a policy that “undermines U.S. foreign policy priorities and interests of national security,” said Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chair of of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives. Ros-Lehtinen is famous for her links with terrorist circles of Cuban Miami.

The Beehive is made up of 22 children aged between 6 and 15 years and is in the United States from a few days, at the invitation of the Brownstone Foundation and the International Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

The chief of the right-wing Cuban-American clan in the U.S. Congress expresses her “concern” in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which states that the State Department grant visas “to an organization that is promoting convicted spies as heroes “a reference to five Cubans in the U.S. hostages to infiltrate terrorist organizations.

Speaking of these anti-terrorists, the politician is intended Miami Cuban terms located: the “spies” Cuban says, made unlawful acts “against our homeland.”

With her usual rhetoric, Ros-Lehtinen attacks cultural exchange programs and educational and demands Clinton provide to the Foreign Relations Committee a detailed account of funding for programs related to Cuba, then calls for suspension of all cultural exchanges and education with the Island.

From Miami, global capital of Internet pornography, a phenomenon she has never complained about, Ros-Lehtinen will speak in her letter about the alleged existence in Cuba of what she calls a “disgusting sex tourism regime,” another typical usual U.S. propaganda speech. The company presented its show at the American University in Washington after a visit to Capitol Hill “hit” with the congressman who now claims “not remember” the chance encounter.

The Beehive has scheduled several presentations in schools and American cultural and special role in the UN headquarters in New York, just before the annual vote on blocking international organization or Cuba.

The “honorary” President of the Committee in support of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, Ros-Lehtinen is famous for her relations with the Miami terrorist fauna, for her call to kill the leader of the Cuban Revolution made in a British documentary and her blind support to the most violent attacks by Israel against Palestine.

The politician fails to mention Carlos Alberto Cremata, founder and director of The Beehive, in her letter.

Cremata is the son of one of the 73 victims of the explosion of a Cuban airliner in Barbados in 1976 by order of Posada Carriles

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