Number of Self-Employed Workers in Cuba Exceeds 357,000

News from Cuba | Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From the Cuban News Agency

Cuba's Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security Jose Barreiro Alonso announced on Wednesday that the number of self-employed workers in the Caribbean nation now exceed 357,600, which represents a significant increase compared to last year.

Speaking during a working meeting of the Commission of Economic Affairs of the Cuban Parliament, Barreiro recalled that the number of self-employed workers by October 2010 was less than half of the current number: 157,371.

The official added that transportation, production and sale of food products, house or room renting, sale of agricultural products, and carpentry, are some of the sectors in which more self-employed workers are found.

Barreiro noted that 66% of the currently self-employed workers were previously unemployed, 16% are retirees, and 18% come from state jobs.

He also announced new categories for self-employed workers, including insurance brokers and party or wedding planners.

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