Cuba Sees 24 Percent Growth in Coffee Production

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 13 March 2012

from the Cuban News Agency

Although still far from fulfilling the country's potential and demands, Cuba�s 2011-2012 coffee yields saw an encouraging 24 percent growth.

According to a Granma report, Cuban growers were looking to collect 6,443 tons of coffee in the recently concluded harvest, however the production topped the plans with 7,100 tons, 24 percent more than the previous season.

Among the positive aspects that contributed to the yield was a better organisation, higher efficiency of the harvest and the increase of the quality of the processes of picking the beans and removing the pulp from the cherry that resulted in 85 percent of high quality beans.

However, specialists consider that production plans fell below the actual potential and encouraged coffee growers to set more ambitious goals.

On the other hand, in 2011, the number of coffee plants planted

exceeded that of previous years; in 2012, 8,500 hectares will be bedded out.

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