RT's Breaking the Set Three Part Special on Cuba

News from Cuba | Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Three 30 minute programmes on Cuba available to watch online

RT's Breaking the Set with Abby Martin produced a three-episode special series on Cuba, in light of the recent shift in US-Cuba relations.

Part I takes an historical look at the relations between the US and Cuba; the context of the Cuban Revolution and the US blockade; and the major areas of contention to the new negotiations of moving towards establishing diplomatic relations, including Guantanamo Bay.

Part II focuses on Cuba's extraordinary healthcare achievements despite the US blockade, its internationalist medical solidarity including the recent Ebola response and Abby Martin interviews Mariela Castro about Cuba’s LGBT community.

In Part III, the show gives an overview of how Cuba’s organic movement evolved, the challenges of the country’s food subsidy system and how Cuba’s cooperative and food system works.

Abby Martin also speaks with Ricardo Alarcón, Cuba’s former minister of foreign affairs and president of the People’s National Assembly of Power, about the normalisation process with the US and the biggest hurdles still remaining in the negotiations.

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