Cuban Doctors Successfully Conclude Ebola Mission in Liberia

News from Cuba | Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Liberian authorities acknowledged the work carried out by the Henry Reeve Cuban medical brigade that fought the Ebola Virus in that African nation, and which along with other forces, have helped Liberia advance towards its declaration as a country free of Ebola.

During a farewell ceremony at the Palm Spring Hotel in the capital Monrovia on Tuesday, the commendable role played by the 52-member Cuban medical brigade was acknowledged by local and international authorities, such as acting Health minister Bernice Dahn, UN representative Peter Graaff and World Health Organization official Emmanuel Musa.

They also stressed the decision of Cuba to have sent the group of health professionals so well prepared and who met such a risky mission in that country, according to the Cuban Foreign Ministry's website.

Also present at the ceremony was Cuban diplomat Pedro L. Despaigne and the representative of the US Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases Kevin DE Cock.

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