US Blockade on Cuba in Round Figures

Radio Cadena Agramonte | Wednesday, 12 September 2012 | Click here for original article

By Tay Toscano Jerez/Radio Cadena Agramonte.

With the permission of mathematics and statisticians, I’d like to share with you some illustrating numbers which reflect the impact of the US blockade on the Cuban people.

This does not reveal anything new, this only ratifies what millions of Cubans and people around the world have been claiming for years: the US blockade is an extraterritorial policy and a genocide that has been seeking to tighten the noose around Cuba and its people.

Let’s see what it means in specific terms.

5 minutes of blockade = the materials to build a two-bedroom apartment.
2 hours of blockade = all the Braille machines for blind and partially sighted people in Cuba.
5 hours of blockade = artificial kidneys to dialyze everyone who needs it during a whole year.
12 hours of blockade = all the insulin 60,000 Cuban patients need during a year.
3 days of blockade = pencils, notebooks and school supplies for one school year.
1 week of blockade = 48 locomotives.
3 weeks of blockade = materials to finish the national freeway.

Do you imagine how Cuba could make it, if we can have all these resources?

We could find the solutions for many problems which are affecting nowadays sectors as vital as housing, food production, health, just to mention a few.

These are figures that illustrate how much and hard the US blockade has affected the daily life of Cubans. As I already said these arguments do not reveal anything the world does not know, however this might help to confirm that this policy is cruel and inhuman and can be lifted if the US President wants so.

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