NEU 2018 delegation to Cuba

Campaign News | Saturday, 2 February 2019

The NEU delegation visited Cuba in October half term 2018

The NEU delegation visited Cuba in October half term 2018

In October 2018, 25 teachers visited Cuba for a week as part of a solidarity delegation organised by the National Education Union (NEU) and Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC), where they visited eight schools, including primary, secondary, music and special needs schools and participated in a full programme including meetings with Cuban trade unionists.

A series of articles have been published in the Morning Star by the NEU delegates, where they have reported back on their experiences from the delegation:

'Cuba's socialist ethos drives its educational triumphs' by Daisy Maxwell, a secondary geography teacher in London

'Cuban schools encourage the working class' by Aretha Green, a member of Hampshire NEU

'Working Together: Education and Community in Cuba', by Lucy Coleman, an early years teacher in Oxfordshire

'The rhythm of socialism' by NEU delegate Neil Sledge

'A window into another world of education' by NEU delegate Megan Quinn

'Decolonized Cuba? Challenging racial and cultural discrimination through education' by NEU delegate Malcolm Richards

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