World Health Organisation praises Cuban health service

Campaign News | Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Primary care and AIDS treatment models for other countries, says official

Havana Feb. 16 - Jack Chi-con Chow, Deputy Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO), after returning from a visit to Cuba, praised the country's primary healthcare services as a model for other countries to employ.

The WHO official highlighted the fact that Cuba's healthcare network is intended to reach every citizen and has been kept running constantly. He said that given its encouraging experiences in combating HIV/AIDS, Cuba should make more active contributions to devising a global strategy against the disease.

Jack Chi hailed the country's regular HIV/AIDS campaigns which have drawn the voluntary participation of people from all walks of life, especially young people. One such campaign calls on people to learn to live with HIV/AIDS.

He reiterated WHO's commitment to maintain its cooperation with Cuba.

While in Cuba, the delegation visited the Los Cocos health centre which provides free treatment for AIDS patients and other clinical facilities.

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