Cuba only country displaying

EFE | Tuesday, 26 May 2020 | Click here for original article

Noam Chomsky has described Cuba as the only country demonstrating "genuine internationalism" by sending its medical brigades around the world during the coronavirus pandemic despite suffering sixty years of blockade from the United States. The US philosopher and linguist was speaking during an interview with EFE news agency from his home Tucson, Arizona.

Noam Chomsky's quote on Cuba in full:

"The only country that has demonstrated genuine internationalism has been Cuba, which has always been under economic strangulation by the United States, and by some miracle they have survived to continue showing the world what internationalism is.

"But you can't say this in the US because what you have to do is blame them for human rights violations. In fact, the worst human rights violations take place in southeastern Cuba, in a place called Guantanamo that the United States took at gunpoint and refuses to return."

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