US on trial in Mexico for crimes against Cuba

Campaign News | Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Lawyer intends to use international court to prosecute Bush regime

By Moisés Pérez Mok

Mexico, Apr 4 (Prensa Latina) Eleven charges summing up 45 years of aggressions against Cuba will be filed by the Benito Juárez International Court in a trial of the US to be held in this city in April, Attorney Enrique González announced on Monday.

A former rector of the Guerrero University and professor of the National Autonomic University of Mexico (UNAM), González told Prensa Latina that in this way the civil society in Mexico and Latin America will judge a recalcitrant violator of international law.

"In court hearings to be held on April 25-27, we will try to make Washington an object of strong worldwide condemnation by publicly repudiating the presence of US envoys wherever they may be," he said.

The US has a long record of aggressions against countries including Guatemala, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan.

The White House has maintained a constant, persistent policy of aggression against Cuba including actions such as genocide, State terrorism and other crimes against humanity, González stressed.

González has handed over a notification addressed to the US ambassador here in order to fulfil all guarantees pertaining to due process and to prevent the defendant from ignoring the facts.

The document accuses the government of George W. Bush of violating the universal principle of peaceful coexistence, and of illegally occupying a part of the Cuban territory, among other violations.

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