Cuban President Sheds More Light on Posada Carriles Affair

Campaign News | Thursday, 28 April 2005

The Mystery of Posada Carriles Whereabouts is not Such a Mystery

Havana, April 27 (AIN) Cuban President Fidel Castro disclosed Tuesday new details that unveil the tricks and lies by the US government regarding the case of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

In the continuation of his special addresses to denounce to the world the presence of the notorious assassin in US territory, the Cuban leader based his remarks on various news articles which give more details pointing to lies by the Bush administration

The delivery hasn’t taken place yet. It is delayed; but the symptoms are getting more complicated, the Cuban leader told an audience of victims and relatives of victims of terrorist actions against Cuba, officials and representatives.

He said that while Cuba makes these denunciations, a series of events are taking place as a result of the crisis that capitalism has led the world to, and the complications that US imperialism creates.

It could be stated that the imperial domination on Latin America and the Caribbean is going through its worst crisis, and there doesn’t really seem to be a way out for it, added the Cuban leader.

In his remarks, he cited an article published by The Miami Herald which describes the outrage of the family of a 19 year old Guyanese young man who lost his life in October of 1976, while he was on board the Cubana airliner, blown up in mid air off the coasts of Barbados. He was bound for Cuba to study medicine.

The young man’s father, who died two years ago, remained the rest of his life obsessed with collecting information so that some day justice would be served in the case of the murder of his son. Now, that it is known that the key author of the terrorist attack, Luis Posada Carriles, is requesting political asylum, the family has decided to act.

While reading the article, Fidel Castro commented that even The Miami Herald, a long time advocate of all the evil causes against Cuba, and one of the main pillars of the mafia in its aggressions against Cuba, is also acknowledging that Posada Carriles is a terrorist.

Continuing reading the reports, the Cuban leader recalled how President Bush Sr. had granted political asylum to Orlando Bosh, the other perpetrator of the terrorist attack against the Cuban airliner.

Neither Bosh, nor Hernan Ricardo nor Freddy Lugo, the material perpetrators of the crime, have ever shown any repentance for what they did, argued Fidel.

He also made reference to a New York Daily News story on the insults and humiliation suffered by an American Young woman of Muslim beliefs while she crossed the Canadian US border, returning from a youth conference of her religion in Toronto.

In the article, the young woman questioned the double standards of US authorities. “They try to protect a notorious terrorist, while they submit innocent people like me to obnoxious treatment, just because of my religious beliefs, “she said.

The Cuban head of state also quoted from another article of the Miami Herald. Entitled “Posada puts the White House in a quandary”, the article affirms that the presence of the murderer in the United States can do nothing but embarrass President Bush. “It has also embarrassed local law enforcement”, it reads.

With respect to a recent article by Jose Pertierra, President Castro alluded to the fact that the form sent by the lawyer of Posada Carriles to immigration authorities to formally request political asylum for his client, demand the present address of the applicant. “Thus, the whereabouts of the terrorist is no mystery,” reiterated the Cuban leader.

The Mystery of Posada Carriles Whereabouts is not Such a Mystery

By Yarelis Rico Hernández and Rafael Hojas Martínez -Trabajadores Newspaper-

Cuban President Fidel Castro, while talking about the case of noted terrorist Luis Posada Carriles during Tuesday’s special address, made reference to an article published by the US mass media which stated that Posada’s attorney, Eduardo Soto, had said that he submitted an asylum request for Posada Carriles to the Homeland Security Department on the 12th of April of 2005.

Fidel Castro explained that for the past fourteen days the government of the United States of America has had in its hands the formal request, which proves that the Bush administration knows where Posada is, because the application form sent by his lawyer must declare where the terrorist is staying.

The Cuban leader insisted in highlighting that in some parts of the application form requesting political asylum certain personal information from the applicant, like the present address, must be provided.

The answers must also be truthful, because whoever lies may be fined or sent to prison for a five year term. The President then added that a lawyer who helps his client to falsify information in the application form, is liable for perjury.

“The mystery of Posada Carriles whereabouts is not such a mystery. The government of the United States of America knows where he is, anyone working for the Homeland Security Department knows where he is, and the government has not said a single word to its people about that monster, who killed six Guyanese students that were coming to Cuba to attend medical school”, Fidel Castro underscored.

“The President of the United States of America has a duty to say where this monster is. All of this is a major violation of the laws of the United States of America.” he said Then the leader of the Cuban Revolution continued to provide new information that has appeared in the US mass media, as well as the opinions of US citizens who reject the attitude of their government regarding Posada Carriles.

One of the opinions presented suggested that if the USA allows Posada Carriles to walk freely trough the streets of Miami, Cuba should had the right to provide asylum to Osama Bin Laden. That Fidel Castro answered by declaring that Cuba has no relations at all with Osama, and adding that Cuba is a nation that has morals and ethics, and would not hide for one moment anyone who was responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York. “What would the world and the people of the United States think?” Fidel Castro asked.

This past Thursday, the brother of Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo, who was a victim of a terrorist bombing in Havana in 1997, distributed a letter to the Miami mass media outlets, reminding that it was the President of the USA himself who had stated that whoever provides shelter to a terrorist is a terrorist.

Then the Cuban leader reminded the audience that several members of the US Congress have also raised their voices demanding that asylum be denied to Posada Carriles. One of these Congressmen, he explained, had sent a letter to the Homeland Security Department in which he stated: we should not provide shelter to terrorists at home, while the USA is combating terrorism abroad.

Another article published by the New York Daily News, described as ridiculous the excessive controls exerted upon a New York Muslim woman who was detained and subjected to a long interrogation when she returned from a religious conference that took place in Canada, while at the same time Posada Carriles entered US territory without anyone noticing his landing.

The Cuban President quoted several excerpts from the article “ Posada places the White House in a dilemma, “ published this Tuesday by The Miami Herald.

In that article, the journalist asks himself where the international terrorist is at present, and ironically asks where the internal network is when a terrorism suspect can enter the country so easily , how is it possible that he has stayed here for a month and has not been arrested or detained, or is it that it is beyond our abilities to track a senior citizen.

In the article , FBI spokesperson Judy Orihuela is quoted as saying that if Posada Carriles is there illegally, it is something about which her organization has no jurisdiction, and also that they don’t have an arrest warrant against him.

Cuba Demands Washington Answer at the UN on Terrorist Posada Carriles

United Nations, Apr 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuba called upon the US to say whether it is aware or not of the presence of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in its territory, and what they are doing to locate him in Miami.

Cuban Ambassador Orlando Requeijo denounced that while the UN Security Council devotes a public hearing to fighting international terrorism, an attorney is seeking political asylum in US territory for one of the worst terrorist monsters in the western hemisphere.

Among the justifications for the request is the terrorist"s over 40-year service for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and US Army.

President Fidel Castro has provided abundant information on the means used by the terrorist to enter US territory, hence the diplomat wondered why Washington has not opened an investigation or confiscated the vessel that brought the terrorist to Miami.

Requeijo recalled that such protection violated US anti-terrorist legislation and resolution 1372 of the UN, as well as statements by President George W. Bush against any individual or country sheltering terrorists.

"We consider Washington"s decision to welcome Posada Carriles very harmful to ongoing UN actions against terrorism and US credibility," warned the diplomat, and he contrasted the impunity given Posada Carriles with the lengthy and unfair sentences given to five Cuban anti-terrorism fighters.

"The US authorities are confronted with a serious dilemma: either they definitely side with terrorism by protecting the monster or they give a substantial blow with his arrest and extradition to Venezuela," he said.

The Cuban diplomat also called on the international community to stay alert since Posada may flee US territory or be eliminated by internal US forces, and "we do not wish him dead, we want justice to be served for the horrendous crimes he has committed throughout his extensive terrorist career."

Posada Carriles a nightmare for the White House, says Fidel Castro

Havana, Apr 22, (P26).- Cuban President Fidel Castro reiterated Friday that the notorious Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is in the United States and the US government has taken no actions to address the situation.

In a new national address, the head of state said that Posada Carriles is the product of those in the US who trained him to be a monster and used him for over 40 years as a terrorist against the Cuban revolution.

Fidel Castro repeated that the arch-terrorist was transferred from Isla Mujeres (Mexico) to Miami, where he is currently residing.

That is the terrible truth, it is a nightmare for the White House because everybody knows that Posada Carriles is currently in the US, Fidel Castro said.

The Cuban leader noted that the US government must be disconcerted and having a hard time dealing with the situation.

Posada Carriles, once described by the FBI as one of the most dangerous terrorists in the western hemisphere, is counting on his connections at the White House to obtain political asylum.

His powerful associates that dominate politics in southern Florida consider the terrorist a fighter and praise his long criminal record and work for the CIA.

The Cuban-born terrorist's record includes: participation in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, masterminding the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Airline flight that killed all 73 passengers, explosions at several Havana hotels during the 1990’s, the murder of several Cuban diplomats serving abroad between the 1960’s and 1980’s and several assassination attempts on President Fidel Castro.

Fidel explains how the terrorist Posada Carriles escaped to the US

Special Address by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Councils of State and of Ministers, to party, state and government and Union of Young Communist leaders, representatives of grassroots and official organizations, officers and rank and file members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and from the Ministry of the Interior, and to relatives and surviving victims of the empire’s terrorist attacks on our country.

April 15, 2005

" Year of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas".

We have sung the anthem and there is no way we can forget that today marks another anniversary of that surprise attack by US government airplanes painted with Cuban insignia. We therefore think it is fitting to remind ourselves by watching a video of the events of those days which signalled the beginning of the imperialist, mercenary attack; imperialist and mercenary because the two things came in the same convoy, one behind the other, hoping to win a beachhead which lasted no time at all, a classic case of a snowball in hell.

That is why we are here today. We would have been here anyway. One way or another, the people would have fought and would have defeated the invaders, but much of our country would have been destroyed and would have perished in such a confrontation.

Yesterday, I reminded you of what happened in Guatemala with that type of invasion: 200,000 victims and a snake state -that’s what I christened it yesterday- that’s the name I gave it yesterday: snake states. There are more than a few of them in this hemisphere and in Europe too.

We shall watch this respectfully, and with thoughts of gratitude and homage to those who on this date, fighting, getting over the surprise straight away, made it possible for us to be here today. (Applause)

(A documentary is shown.)

Dear fellow Cubans:

Yesterday we spoke of a strange theory, which emerged about 48 hours ago, that the story about Posada Carriles being in the United States was something the Cuban Intelligence had made up. That obliged me to demonstrate what really happened, how Posada Carriles got to the United States and who took him there, in great safety. Perhaps there are still some details to be revealed, but the main facts about Posada Carriles’ journey from the prison in Panama to Miami and after are there. So, we can draw some conclusions about the matter, and whether it were possible for the Cuban Intelligence to have made up this journey, that is, if they carried it out.

I have to go back to the early hours of August 26, 2004 when the former Panamanian chief of police, Carlos Suárez went to fetch the pardoned terrorists at the El Renacer prison.

"Luis Posada Carriles, Pedro Remón Rodríguez, Guillermo Novo Sampoll and Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo went from the Panamanian capital to Tucumen airport where two executive jets that had been sent to Panama from Miami by --that illustrious gentleman-- Santiago Alvarez Fernández Magriña were waiting for them". I promised yesterday that I was going to talk about him and explain who he is.

"In the very early morning of that same day, the two planes took off with the terrorists and those who had come to get them on board.

"One of the planes, the one Posada and the US-based terrorists Ernesto Abreu, Orlando González and Miguel Alvarez were on, headed for the Ramon Villeda Morales airport in San Pedro de Sula, Honduras. It was met there by Cuban-born arms dealer, Rafael Hernández Nodarse, head of the anti-Cuban terrorist apparatus in that country who lives in the aforementioned city". He has sort of become the head of the Posada Carriles Interests Section in Honduras. This gentleman is over there, everyone knows who he is. They know everything over there and are good at hiding how much they know.

"Posada used a US passport in the name of Melvin Cloide Thompson to enter Honduras". Yes, someone lost their passport over there, I don’t know where, I don’t know whether it was in Panama and it ended up in Posada Carriles’ hands.

"Honduran papers reported that Posada Carriles was in San Pedro Sula and that he had received help from Rafael Hernández Nodarse.

"Later, Posada was moving around Central America using false documents.

"In recent months there has been talk in Miami terrorist circles about Posada’s obsessive, violent plans against our country and about the boost he thinks he will give them when he gets to the States". Yesterday, we read what the "city developer", --the man who said putting bombs in hotels is not so evil-- said in Miami about Posada Carriles’ plans.

In mid March, we received some news that was published in a newspaper in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Que Quintana Roo se entere (Let Quintano Roo hear about it), that’s what it’s called.

On March 14 -last month, a month and a day ago, given that March has 31 days, that makes it 32 days ago- this paper reported:

‘Shrimp boat runs aground on the El Farito reef’ -there they even print it in English- "Monday March 14, 2005 by Carlos Gasca, Que Quintana Roo se entere" - that’s what the newspaper is called, Quintana Roo must have found out as of course, did those of those of us who read this paper.

And then there’s another little subheading, that’s it, this is a copy of the paper.

"By Carlos Gasca -it says it again- Que Quintana Roo se entere, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo- because the Islas Mujeres belong to that state, they are just off the coast of this southern part of Mexico, a tourist region. It puts the date, March 14 and reads:

"A craft of the shrimp boat type, which had sailed from Florida to the Islas Mujeres, was stranded for about six hours near the El Farito reef. The boat, flying an American flag, made a bad entry into the harbor and ran aground in a shallow area.

"Various attempts were made to refloat the heavy craft and after much effort it was finally pulled free, but then the Navy decide to search the foreign vessel" - that’s what they call it- called ‘Santrina’". It’s about as saintly as those sailing on it.

"The problem began at about 7:45 when the vessel ‘Santrina’ ran aground in the harbor and, in spite of help from several private boats, remained stuck.

"Some vessels from the Seventh Naval Zone and from the National Fisheries Commission (Conapesca) arrived and, after refloating the boat, escorted it to the concrete traffic wharf where experts helped by dogs trained to detect drugs and divers made a detailed inspection of the vessel.

"To date, it is still not known if any sanction was imposed on the boat’s owner, but the harbormaster expects that this craft will not be going anywhere until the investigation is concluded.

"The Santrina had five crew members on board, including the captain, José Pujol who repeatedly refused to give the press any information about his reasons for entering the harbor. Nevertheless we did learn that there is an unusually large number of oxygen tanks on the boat, plus some compression equipment and a kind of hydraulic jack in the upper part".

Well, the newspaper published this on March 14.

Another paper in Quintana Roo, which is called Por esto (That’s why,) this time on March 16, two days later, reported:

"The Santrina, freed from shallows near the coast has passed its routine inspection"

This is in smaller type and then in bigger type: "The Santrina will continue on its way to Miami".

"Steering problems" -that is, of the person steering- "caused the vessel to run aground, but there was no damage nor was anything untoward found on the crew, the harbormaster’s office said".

"By Yolanda Gutiérrez, Isla Mujeres, March 14: After going through the routine inspections by the relevant authorities without anything untoward being discovered, the shrimp boat type vessel Santrina, which had run aground at the entrance to Isla Mujeres, sailed off in the direction of Miami this Wednesday after taking on supplies of fuel, food and water for the crossing.

"According to what Angel Gabriel Vallejos Sánchez, who is acting harbormaster in the absence of the harbormaster himself, the vessel had steering problems and that is why it ran aground near the coast, fortunately in an area where there were no reefs, which is why it is thought no ecological damage was done.

"He added that once the Santrina docked at the concrete wharf, it was visited by the authorities who always check when a vessel flying a foreign flag enters the harbor. The Mexican Navy was the first to arrive and sailors with dogs trained to detect narcotics and arms searched the vessel but did not find anything untoward.

"Immigration, International Health and Sagarpa authorities also inspected the boat. Finally, once rescue operations had been carried out, the harbormaster’s office simply filled out the relevant forms detailing the incident.

"In answer to a direct question, Vallejos Sánchez said that no type of sanction would be imposed on José Pujol, the captain of the Santrina, so it was, in his words, just an ordinary accident which didn’t deserve any sanction.

"Both the vessel and its crew have all their papers in order and are properly registered. To date we have no information from any of the authorities involved in the search.

"The acting harbormaster said that the boat had sailed from the Bahamas and that its final destination is Miami where, according José Pujol, it will undergo refitting to turn it into a teaching vessel".

I am going back a bit. Today, I had a little more time.

Now I will begin to talk about the "city developer".

Who owns this boat called Santrina? Well, the city developer Santiago Alvarez Fernández Magriña, the representative who spoke yesterday, the same who appointed the lawyer -Soto, I think that’s the lawyer’s name- as the only representative, and he, the friend, as having power of attorney from Posada.

"The Santrina was purchased using the Marine Ecological Protection Foundation,

‘The Caribe Dive and Research Foundation Inc.’ as a front." Foundations, such as the Cuban American National Foundation, are usually set up for "noble" causes. (Laughter). You see? Everything is a foundation, there’s also a foundation to buy this shrimp boat type vessel. And it has been used to carry out terrorist acts against Cuba. We shall tell the government, to see if they seize it, because that boat is a terrorist too.

"By coincidence, the president of this foundation" -the president- is Ernesto Abreu, a terrorist, who was earlier cited as one of the people who went to Panama to fetch Posada -in the little plane- "and the treasurer" -of the foundation- "is Santiago Alvarez, the city developer, the one who also went to fetch them, the one who pays for everything, or that’s what they say: the prosperous, well-off businessman.

"As the provincial Mexican newspaper, Por Esto reported on March 16, the Santrina was captained by the old CIA agent" -by the old CIA agent- "José Pujol, known as ‘Pepín’ and Santiago Alvarez himself was on board. This was recorded in a photo published by the same paper in an article headlined ‘The Santrina will continue on its way to Miami’".

(He shows the audience the photo and reads the caption: ‘The captain and one of the sailors from the Santrina’s which ran aground in Islas Mujeres harbor. It can now continue with its journey to Miami. Photos Mario Alonso".)

Here are the photos, they are in the paper. The other is: Gabriel Vallejos Sánchez, acting harbormaster ". (He holds up the photo)

Then the comic strip begins. All of this happened on the sixteenth, it’s reported here.

"On March 30, El Nuevo Herald published an article called ‘It is thought possible that the United States will give Posada Carriles residence’, in which it says the terrorist might be able to obtain legal residence in the United States in return for his service in the US army" -yes, he graduated as a "hunter", as has already been mentioned- "during the Vietnam war" -yes, during the war, but there is no record anywhere that Mr. Posada Carriles was ever in Vietnam- "although his past, with its terrorist connections, would put US authorities in a dilemma". That is what the paper says, look here, El Nuevo Herald, not the old Herald, but the new, the one most in line, most synchronized with the mob.

"The journalist quoted statements by terrorist Santiago Alvarez" -that’s better, here in the report it said city developer Santiago Alvarez, prosperous businessman- "who said that he would help Posada Carriles to obtain the legal representation he needs.

"The newspaper pointed out that, according to testimony from sources close to the process, Posada had arrived in Miami a week ago by sea; this coincides with the Santrina’s arrival there". I don’t know if they went with a helicopter or a helicopter carrier and got the man off the boat that way, they put him on board, they disembarked him; but it seems to me that this is interesting information.

"According to his friends, Posada will be presented to the public as an infirm old man who suffers from several illnesses. The aim of this is so that he is granted legal entrance to the United States as a humanitarian case". Absolutely false, since he left Panama in perfectly good health, in spite of the fact that Moscoso’s acolytes vainly attempted to cook up a similar story.

Oh dear! What a pity that I don’t have here? Ah! Carlitos, the other day there were some papers around listing all the bodies the US government set up after the attack, because people don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they spend on everything they set up, and we, in fact, can provide free, logical and basic information. It has only cost us a few pieces of paper, and reading a few newspapers.

"The most important measures adopted in the United States after September 11".

"In October 2001 the soi-disant Patriotic Act was passed which expands the operative capabilities of US security agencies to carry out spying operations. It gives broader definitions of terrorism and increases legal penalties for individuals and organizations with connections to this kind of activity.

"The Department of Homeland Security was created, this is the biggest federal agency in the country’s history; it has a staff of 180,000 and is made up of 12 bodies, including Customs, Immigration and the Coastguard; its mission it to protect US territory and in 2005 it was allocated a budget of $30 billions". This is separate from the others, separate from the budgets of each of the institutions that are part of it; 22 bodies that, as I said, are part of this Department of Homeland Security.

"Measures were adopted aimed at strengthening and broadening the powers of the various security agencies, such as the FBI and the CIA, and the relations and coordinated efforts between them and local agencies, the use of new communication technologies and the establishment of an integrated data bank on people suspected of terrorism and their capacities and contacts". Just look at what they gave them, communication technologies, all of that stuff.

"The FBI was to put priority on counter-terrorism activities; significant progress was made in the modernization of its technological infrastructure. All local offices are connected through a computer network. The position of National Intelligence Director was created, who has authority over the budgets of intelligence agencies. This person also supervises the other 15 agencies and oversees their complete integration. John Dmitri Negroponte was appointed to this position; he is well-known for having been involved in the dirty war and political scandals like Irangate.

"A new national counterintelligence strategy, given the nod in March of this year, includes offensive and defensive activities to be undertaken abroad and in the United States", -one has to be careful, look, ‘offensive and defensive activities’ - "to protect against traditional and new threats from foreign intelligence services.

"The Center for Integrating Terrorist Threats was set up to analyze any information about such threats and the Terrorist Filtering Center", -they even have a terrorist filter- "to consolidate and unify the various lists of people under observation.

"In the diplomatic sphere, in the self-appointed fight against terrorism, agreements were made to increase cooperation efforts between the intelligence services of third countries and the United States for identifying terrorists and freezing their funds.

"A new military command was also created, the Northern Command, which was made expressly responsible for the integrated defense of US territory.

The safety of air transportation was beefed up, by increasing baggage searches, training pilots to carry weapons and by using explosive-detection equipment and assigning special marshals on flights". Assigning marshals on flights.

"Harbor inspections were centralized in a reinforced single body, Customs and Border Protection, and new entry procedures and control systems were established. These use biometric technology and high precision fingerprint technology in Customs and at ports of entry. The procedures for registering foreigners in the country were also made more stringent.

"New security measures for cargo and ports were adopted by allocating more resources, bolstering coastguard services and by setting up what are known as the Container Cargo Security Initiative. Measures were also taken to increase bio-defense capabilities and strategies for detecting and countering threats from bio-terrorism and radiological nuclear and chemical attacks.

"An initiative was developed to protect the so-called critical infrastructure, which includes nuclear chemical plants and other potential targets, from the threat of terrorism".

All of this required 180,000 employees and $30 billions, 22 bodies, 15 agencies and state-of-the-art technology. If all of that could not prevent the entry of the oldest, possibly the most trained and even perhaps the most unscrupulous terrorist in the United States without anyone finding out about it, could it be possible that the US president didn’t know about it, or at least didn’t ask about it when someone told him that there was talk that Posada Carriles was in the country, something that is tremendously damaging to the prestige of the United States, to the honor of the United States, to the morale of the US people? Is it possible that he didn’t know?

But even if we allow that he didn’t know, if someone want to adhere to that theory, because of all the things he had to do, etc., his trip to Rome, his grief over the death of Pope John Paul II, then what is a US president for, what is all that colossal apparatus for, the hugest, most fabulous apparatus that has ever been created in the history of the world to protect a nation from terrorism?

Let’s go on with this character, the city developer.

"City developer Santiago Alvarez Fernández Magriña" -the one who is there in Miami and talks every day; if that huge security apparatus, if that Department of Homeland Security wants to know who brought Posada Carriles, there he is; let them go if they want and talk to the people there, let them look at the photo, let them look for Pujol and ask him; let them get all the facts together about the maneuver they pulled off, because there is not the shadow of a doubt that the entry of this individual into the country is connected with this operation, this boat. They must know, or rather, they should know, all they have to do is ask them; it’s really easy. What was this man doing on that boat? What is more, that strange itinerary. It set out from the Bahamas and headed for Miami, because it is my understanding that the Bahamas is here, we have studied that hundreds of times.

I remember that when they hijacked that plane on the Isle of Youth, we were

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