US has not invaded us again because it knows it would meet invincible resistance, says Fidel

Campaign News | Thursday, 21 April 2005

But superpower is still looking for a pretext to justify aggression

Havana, Apr 19,- Cuban President Fidel Castro said that the United States has not invaded Cuba again because they know that they would meet invincible resistance.

In a special presentation Tuesday to mark the 44th anniversary of the Cuban victory at the Bay of Pigs, the Revolution’s leader recalled the 72-hour drama in which a mercenary brigade, trained and financed by the US government, invaded the island’s southern coast.

Fidel Castro warned that the US is now attempting to justify a new invasion of the island. “Our country has been labeled a terrorist country, bearing in mind the connotation and meaning of the word “terrorist” as involving psychological preparation and the prelude to brutal and genocidal wars.”

The Cuban head of state recalled in his speech several events in Cuba during the initial years of the revolution, including the terrorist sabotage on March 14, 1960 of La Coubre, a French ship which carried defensive weapons that had been bought in Belgium.

“They are committing the same crimes as 46 years ago, they are telling the same lies and they have the same accomplices as 46 years ago, only now they are more powerful then they were then.”

“Today they have more force, better technology and greater wealth than they did 46 years ago, which is why European countries have been brought to their knees,” he commented.

In this respect, Fidel Castro explained that it is difficult to speak about the existence of a European community, because those countries have nothing in common - except for their subservience to the United States, a nation which they dare not criticize at the UN.

The Cuban president also reflected on Washington's threats to Russia and NATO’s influence over the former socialist nations.

“I am not going to dwell on this issue,” said Fidel Castro, “because it is very disappointing that the new Ukrainian government supported a motion against Cuba [at the UN Commission on Human Rights].”

The Cuban leader explained that despite the meaninglessness of such a motion, it could be used as an excuse to attack Cuba.

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