Cuban medical and education workers get pay rise

Campaign News | Thursday, 23 June 2005

10-18 per cent increases for teachers and doctors

Havana, June 23 (AIN) Cuban President Fidel Castro announced on Thursday a new salary increase for the sectors of public health and education, the largest employers on the State payroll.

During a special address Thursday evening, the Cuban leader said that the new salary increase is modest but exemplifies the efforts of the Revolution to improve the standard of living of the population.

The Cuban President underscored the government's desire to increase the salaries of all workers. He noted that today's pay hike comes on the heels of a sharp increase in the minimum wage.

Fidel also referred to the recent decision of the government to increase pensions and he recalled the causes such an increase had been delayed during several years until the nation's economy began to recover.

Labor and Social Security Minister Alfredo Morales announced that the new salary increase will benefit 537,520 workers, 60 percent of all persons working in the education and public health sectors.

Morales said the wage hike takes into account years of service, degrees, additional teaching assignments, professional evaluation, and job conditions.

Cuban Education Minister Luis Ignacio Gomez pointed out that in Latin America education workers live under a very tense situation, evidenced by constant strikes for higher wages.

Gomez announced that teachers and professors in elementary education and junior high school will see their basic monthly salary grow 18 percent.Meanwhile, professors at countryside-based senior high schools will get a 12 percent raise.

In order to encourage permanent study, those professionals who obtain a masters degree or doctorate will receive significant additional increases.

The Cuban Education Minister announced that day care center workers will also see their monthly salary increase by 10 percent, as well as workers in other services provided to schools.

On May 1, the Cuban government more than doubled the minimum monthly wage and raised the pensions of retired workers as well.

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