Message from the families of the Cuban Five

Campaign News | Saturday, 13 August 2005

Thanks to the solidarity movement

Havana August 13: On behalf of the Cuban Five unjustly imprisoned in the United States, and on behalf of all of their family members, we wish to share with all our friends in the solidarity movement the happiness we feel upon receiving the verdict of the Atlanta Court of Appeals, which issued a just ruling after a period of long and anguished waiting. Our most sincere thanks for your unconditional support in this cause.

The triumph was only possible with your restless and constant work, which has greatly influenced the knowledge of the truth, so the American people and the world would know about the violations committed against them.

The joy cannot stop our actions, and now more than ever we need of the unity and effort of all of you to achieve victory and to make it a reality as soon as possible

Please receive our respect and gratitude,

Magali Llort

Irma Sehweret

Mirtha Rodriguez

Carmen Nordelo

Rosa Aurora Freijanes

Olga Salanueva

Adriana Perez

Elizabeth Palmeiro

Antonio Guerrero (Hijo)

Irma Gonzalez (Hija)

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