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Brigades every Spring, Summer and Winter

Planning your gap year or a holiday with a difference? Why not become more than a tourist on an island of incredible beauty, immense cultural diversity and unique social history?

The Solidarity Brigade consists of groups from the solidarity organisations of several European countries. Members of the Brigade spend their time near Havana on the ‘Campamiento Internacional Julio Antonio Mella’ (CIJAM)  as a ‘Brigadista’, working, learning and socialising with Cubans and people from all across Europe.

It is a unique opportunity to experience the Cuban Revolution firsthand and show that Cuba is not alone.

See the real Cuba
Learn Spanish
Visit museums, galleries and beaches
Get involved in a range of cultural activities
See and discuss the Cuban political system

Brigadistas take part in a full programme of educational and political talks, workshops and meetings, plus visits to hospitals and schools and other social and industrial developments to see for themselves the successes of the Revolution. Entertainment is provided at CIJAM with live bands and dance lessons, whilst excursions to some of Cuba’s fantastic beaches and places of interest are organised. Groups have been invited to performances by the National Ballet and National Theatre in Havana, as well as meeting local musicians, dancers and theatrical performers. You will also have free time in which to explore.

CIJAM is a purpose-built centre for international visitors, providing dormitory accomodation, meals, a bar and shop, basic sports facilities and lecture spaces for the programme of activites. Each Brigade also includes a multi-night stay in another part of the island - previous groups have visited Vinales, Pinar Del Rio, Varadero, Santiago and other fantastic areas.

Whilst English-speaking staff are available at the centre, a basic understanding of Spanish is useful (though not essential). You will have plenty of opportunity to practise your Spanish if you are a learner!

CSC organises three regular solidarity Brigades a year: the May Day Brigade, focussing on young Trade Union activists and celebrating May Day in Havana, the Summer Brigade usually in July and the Winter Brigade in December.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign will usually organise a Preparation Day before you leave, giving you the opportunity to meet Brigadistas both old and new, to share experiences of Brigade life and ask any questions you may have, as well as meeting the people with whom you will share this amazing experience.

 View images of the brigades in Cuba here

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