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Campaign News | Thursday, 30 September 2021

Pro-government supporters on 11 July. This image was used by multiple news agencies who captioned it as representing anti-government supporters

Pro-government supporters on 11 July. This image was used by multiple news agencies who captioned it as representing anti-government supporters

What the main stream media won’t tell you about 11 July. We've compliled an archive of videos, podcasts and writing on what's happening in Cuba: the reasons behind the protests, US government funding and involvement, press and social media manipulation, and more.

Please share widely to help to counter the misinformation and US government narrative about Cuba which is being used as an excuse for more sanctions and intervention. And if you can afford to please join CSC or donate to help our work.

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What’s going on in Cuba? (Cuba Solidarity Campaign)
Speakers from Cuba, Bolivia and Britain discuss recent events on the island: the misreporting, the role of US economic warfare and funding in fuelling unrest, and the urgent need for aid, solidarity and an international campaign against US intervention.

Eyewitness Report From Havana: Cuba's Struggle Against US Imperialism
(Break Through News)
Reporter Reed Lindsay and Manolo De Los Santos, Co-Director of The People’s Forum & Researcher with the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, explain the realities on the ground for people living in Cuba, and the destruction that the US blockade has wrought on the Cuban people.

What's Behind the Anti-Cuba Twitter Bot Campaign? (Break Through News)
There’s clear evidence of US involvement in the Cuba protests. People have noticed fake videos of protests circulating and social media bots spamming anti-Cuba messages. BT’s Kei Pritsker goes through the evidence and reviews the history of US meddling in Cuba.

Cruel US Blockade Causing Misery and Unrest in Cuba (Break Through News)
Protests were immediately weaponised to push for a regime change narrative against Cuba. Rania Khalek is joined by Manolo De Los Santos, researcher with Tricontinental who spent six years living in Cuba to discuss the protest double standards, to the blatant efforts at meddling and sabotage, to the pure hypocrisy from those in power.

Interview with Cuban journalist Cristina Escobar (CSC)
Cuban journalist Cristina Escobar talks about recent events on the island, the economic situation, misinformation in international media reports, US government policy and the impact of the US blockade, and what can be done to support Cuba during the pandemic.

What’s happening in Cuba? (Geopolitical Economy Research Group)
A major disinformation campaign is re-interpreting the current unrest in Cuba as anti-government, even claiming photos of pro-government demonstrations as anti-government. How are the Government and people dealing with this new challenge? Panel discussion.

Interview with Liz Oliva Fernandez and Reed Lindsay from Belly of the Beast
Katie Halper interviews Belly of the Beast Cuba reporters on what the foriegn press gets wrong about Cuba's current situation and why it refuses to talk about the effect of sanctions.


Cure For Havana Syndrome & Info War Against Cuba (Media Roots Radio)
Abby and Robbie Martin speak to media critic Alan MacLeod, staff writer at FAIR and Mint Press News, about the outlandishly distorted corporate media coverage of the protests in Cuba across the news and social media. Alan talks at length about what is being manipulated, omitted, and what the political purpose behind the propaganda is.

SOS Cuba: An Extensive Web of CIA Plots & Propaganda (Empire Files podcast)
Cuba faces a new surge of attacks that can only be understood through the history of US regime change operations and the forces behind the "SOS Cuba" protests. Abby Martin is joined by Gloria La Riva to discuss.

Radio Havana broadcasts in English


The Bay of Tweets: Documents Point to US Hand in Cuba Protests (MINTPRESS)
The US government can cause economic misery for the Cuban people, but it cannot, it appears, convince them to overthrow their government says Alan McCleod

Media Play Up Protests, Play Down Effect of US Sanctions in Cuba (FAIR)

Cuba’s cultural counter-revolution: US gov’t-backed rappers, artists gain fame as ‘catalyst for current unrest’ (The Gray Zone)
Painting itself as a grassroots collective of artists fighting for freedom of expression, the San Isidro Movement has become a key weapon in the US government’s assault on the Cuban revolution writes Max Blumenthal.

René González of the Cuban Five on Cuba’s Challenge and Washington’s Hypocrisy (Jacobin)
An interview with the Miami Five hero who talks to Jacobin about the blockade and what his trial told him about the US's concern for human rights in Cuba.

The recent unrest in Cuba: a textbook example of fake news and media warfare (Morning Star)
Marc Vandepitte explains how forces outside the island helped start the unrest and why the Western media then misrepresented events as they unfolded.

The Only Way to End Economic Hardship in Cuba Is to Lift the US Blockade (Tribune)
For 60 years, Cuba has lived under siege from the most powerful nation on earth, denying it basics like food, medicine and building equipment – anyone who cares about economic hardship must call for it to end writes Francisco Dominguez.

Fake Social Media Operation from Abroad Catalyzes Cuba Incident (TELESUR)
The renowned Spanish analyst Julián Macías Tovar investigated the intense social media campaign articulated in digital social networks against the Cuban Revolution in the last few days. It was launched from abroad and has had as its referent the Argentinean Agus Antonelli, a right-wing

Cuba’s mass protests are driven by the misery of COVID and economic sanctions
Emily Morris, Research Associate at the Institute of the Americas, UCL writes on the background to Cuba’s economic difficulties which are causing hardship on the island and why the US government should reverse Trump sanctions to ease them.

Miami Mayor calls for air strikes on Cuba (Morning Star)
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has called for US air strikes on Cuba as he pressed the case for military intervention to force regime change on the socialist Caribbean island.


Cuba Solidarity Campaign statement

Black Lives Matter statement

Unite the Union statement on Cuba

Grahame Morris MP - The Time to End the US Imposed Blockade of Cuba is Long Overdue

'I live in Cuba, I love my people, and I will defend our Revolution' by Aleida Guevara March

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