Viewing Campaign News from July 2017

'Open' University Blacklists Cubans from its courses

Campaign News | Monday, 24 July 2017

Institution accused of blocking enrolments to bolster US embargo – in breach of British laws CUBANS have been banned from enrolling at the Open University (OU) because the institution fears repercussions from the United States, which has been illegally blockading the island for 55 years. The distance-learning university has been accused of ... read more

If Cuba can, why can't we?

Campaign News | Monday, 24 July 2017

GWEN CROSS reports on the young trade unionists’ brigade to Cuba where she saw how ordinary Cubans live under the US blockade THIS past May Day I had the privilege to represent my trade union, Unite South East region, on this year’s young trade unionists’ brigade to Cuba, organised by Cuba ... read more

Press Release: Open University ban on Cuban students is unethical and illegal

Campaign News | Sunday, 23 July 2017

Press Release: 24 July 2017 One of Britain’s biggest educational institutions, The Open University, is operating a policy of barring applications from Cuban students due to US blockade laws against Cuba. The OU says it is operating a “restricted countries” list in its admissions process because it fears it may be fined ... read more

Francie Molloy MP, Lord Kilclooney, Rob Miller, Catherine West MP, Carlos Alzugaray & Baroness Hopper

Cuban Futures: Trump's Threat to Cuba meetings with Carlos Alzugaray

Campaign News | Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cuban Futures: Trump’s Threat to Cuba, Latin America and US Relations Dr Carlos Alzugaray, former Cuban diplomat, writer and academic was invited by Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) for a series of high level meetings with parliamentarians and trade unionists, and public meetings, where he gave an update on Cuba-US relations following ... read more

Dulce María Iglesias Suárez addresses the local government conference

Cuban union leaders welcomed to Unison conference

Campaign News | Thursday, 29 June 2017

Santiago Badía González, SNTS General Secretary (Cuban Health Workers' Union) and Dulce María Iglesias Suárez, SNTAP General Secretary (Cuban Public Administration Workers' Union) were guests at Unison’s national conference in Brighton in June. They addressed the Local Government Conference, International Rally and the CSC fringe meeting, and met with regional ... read more

Back to the ‘Nineties with Trump

Campaign News | Thursday, 29 June 2017

CSC insisted, following President Obama’s dramatic retreat in 2014, that the embargo legislation remained untouched, that the US had merely refocussed its regime change strategy, and that Obama’s reforms, all made by presidential directive, could be easily reversed by a successor. President Trump’s National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the ... read more

Dulce Maria Iglesias Suárez, general secretary of SNTAP, the Cuban public services union

Trade unionists can ‘globalise solidarity and co-operation’

Campaign News | Tuesday, 27 June 2017

UNISON NDC 2017: Cuban public service union leader challenges delegates to help build a better world for all “The challenge for trade unions today is to contribute to real social integration for the people … and to the better world we all aspire to.” And that was the challenge to delegates from ... read more

Ronnie Draper,  Jorge Luis Garcia,  Rob Miller, Ian Mearns MP, Sean Hoyle,  Kevin Courtney,  Danielle Rowley MP, Ian Lavery MP & MIck Cash

Huge support for Cuba at the RMT Garden Party for Cuba 2017

Campaign News | Tuesday, 27 June 2017

More than 500 trade unionists, solidarity activists, friends of Cuba, salsa lovers and MPs enjoyed the 15th RMT Garden Party for Cuba at Maritime House in South London in June. Guests at the capacity event were treated to an Cuban-style fiesta with rallying speeches, stand up comedy, live music, dancing, food, ... read more

ICAP Message to the Solidarity Movement with Cuba

Campaign News | Monday, 26 June 2017

"We have been able to enjoy the privilege of your friendship, of your solidarity, of your battles against the blockade, against the aggressions on Cuba, because you are not warriors, nor launchers of atomic bombs. What is a blockade? A silent atomic weapon that kills women, men, children, adolescents; that ... read more

Trade Unions for Cuba eNewsletter Summer 2017 edition

Campaign News | Friday, 23 June 2017

The Summer 2017 issue of Cuba Solidarity Campaign's Trade Unions for Cuba eNewsletter is now out, which includes the latest news on Cuba and CSC with particular emphasis on our work with trade unions. This issue includes: - RMT Cuba Garden Party- NUT in solidarity with Cuba- UNISON host Cuban trade unionists- ... read more